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    Amp Upgrade OnlyIntercom Microphonics FixAmp Upgrade and Microphonics Fix Combo

    The amp upgrade is for all 2003-2005 Goldwing GL1800's, and most 2002 models. Click on product title for full description.

    This fix cures the dreaded microphonics problem that plagues the early models. It is for all 2001-2005 GL1800's. Click on product title for more info.

    Save $30 by getting both the amp upgrade and microphonics fix done at the same time.




    Radio Repair 2001-2010Radio repair with both upgradesCB Modulation fix (Clarion CB only)

    Select this option for radios that have a problem that needs to be repaired. (Except Airbag models.) Click on product title for details.

    Select this service if you have a defective radio and want both upgrades done.

    This fix is for correcting the low modulation problem in the early GL1800 Clarion CB's. Click on the product title for more info.




    Clarion CB repairLamp Replacement Add-OnSpecial Upcharge

    This Service is for repair of Honda/Clarion CB's Click on Product title for more info.

    You asked for it. Here it is. Many customers have asked me to offer this service. Click on product title for more info.

    Please do not add this item to your cart unless you are instructed to by WingConnect.




    Diagnostic Charge

    Do not add this item to your cart unless instructed to do so by WingConnect